Pekin Emergency Department Nurse Manager


  • EMPLOYEE FOCUS ACCOUNTABILITY: Assures that excellent patient care is delivered by high performing staff.
    • Role models professionalism for all disciplines; uses positive, proactive communication; is approachable; uses well-developed stress management skills; professional presentation reflects MMCI mission and values.
    • Displays and promotes positive leadership behaviors that create an environment of trust and collaboration.
    • Is visible and accessible on all three shifts and on weekends on a regular basis; is more visible to staff during times of significant change or stress.
    • Assists team in developing intra and inter-departmental work group cohesion
    • Mentors staff in their development of clinical, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
    • Facilitates participatory leadership through unit based staff councils
    • Meets regularly with all members of the multidisciplinary team (staff meetings)
    • Serves as an advocate for nursing staff (and other disciplines as appropriate) to physicians, executives, HR, and others
    • Functions as chief retention officer on assigned unit and assists HR in recruitment efforts. Can speak to turnover rate and explain any acceptable variances.
    • Acknowledges and rewards outstanding customer service and clinical excellence
    • Assures that the care delivery team has the tools/resources to deliver outstanding service and patient care
    • Assures that scheduling and staffing is timely, proactive, cost-effective, and meets the needs of the patients served. Staffing schedules are submitted to staffing council as scheduled 90% of the time.
    • Assures resource allocation and resource management are within accepted range of 95-110 for YTD Visionware report
    • Uses corrective actions according to policy and procedure for the purposes of education, modification of behaviors, and improved performance
    • Identifes staff education needs and collaborates with clinical nurse specialist, education specialist, director, and other nurse managers to determine annual competencies, unit-based education, and other continuing educational needs. Assures 100% staff compliance with educational expectations.
    • Evaluates staff satisfaction survey results, and continuously solitcits feedback from staff regarding ways to improve employee perception. Collaboratively develops/implements action plans to improve employee perception.
    • Actively participates in activities that elevate the image of nursing at MMCI
    • Employee evaluations are done on time 100% of the time
  • QUALITY OF CARE AND MANAGERIAL PRACTICE: The manager is responsible for the quality of care and for meeting quality targets within his/her area of responsibility (assigned cost centers).
    • Participates in collaborate efforts with Outcomes Management, Decision Support, and Financial Services for the oversight, maintenance, and evaluation of the plan for outcome monitoring and measurement for the target populations of patients within his/her areas of responsibility that reflect quality, service, and cost.
    • Leads multidisciplinary teams in the areas of data supported opportunities to improve unit or system outcomes; utilizes assigned outcomes management staff in assistance with data collection, aggregation, and analysis.
    • Assesses, plans, implements, and systematically evaluates the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice and the delineation of professional and nonprofessional role enhancements.
    • Participates in the development, implementation, maintenance, and systematic evaluation of systems and processes that support the organizational plan for continuous quality and performance improvement.
    • Collaborates with the CNS/Educator in the development, implementation, maintenance, and systematic evaluation of evidenced- based pathways and clinical guidelines that ensure the provision of consistent quality and cost effective care delivery. Includes Core Measures and/or key diagnostic indicators in this process whenever appropriate.
    • Identifies opportunities to maintain and/or improve the position of clinical programs or product lines in the regional market or healthcare industry.
    • Participates in the development, implementation, maintenance and systematic evaluation of care delivery models within his/her areas of responsibility the meet organization's expectations for professional practice, safety, patient outcomes, cost, and effectiveness.
    • Responsible for and collaborates with the CNS/Educator in the creation, maintenance, and systematic evaluation of professional practices (i. e. use of nursing process, documentation flow, etc.) in order to promote professional practice.
    • Assures that the care provided by the clinicians within their areas of responsibility is consistent with standards of care, national patient safety goals, core measures, and other quality initiatives undertaken by the unit(s) or the hospital.
    • Utilizes CNS/Educator, researcher, and other experts to identify improvements in nursing practice and patient care delivery that are applicable to his/her areas of responsibility.
    • Leads multidisciplinary team(s) in the areas of data supported opportunities to improve unit or system outcomes
    • Ensures compliance with requirements set by governmental or other regulating bodies (i. e.. JCAHO, CMS, OSHA, CARF, and IDPH)
    • Collaborates with Director in preparing, implementing, and monitoring progress of annual operating and capital budgets for assigned units. Expenses are within 5% of budget allocation after allowing for variables.
    • Fosters a culture within Methodist that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of conduct that does not conform to established standards, ethical and business policies.
    • Assures staff compliance/understanding of National Patient Safety Goals.
    • Pain Management is within 10% of Methodist standard as established in policy/procedure
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY FOCUS: Leads staff and physicians in interdisciplinary processes to strengthen relationships, improve communication and enhance team approach to patient care.
    • Solicits physician input for improving care provided to patients
    • Investigates physician concerns regarding patient care issues and provides feedback
    • Encourages physician involvement in performance improvement activities as appropriate
    • Role models and instructs nursing and other professional staff on effective collaboration with physicians
    • Encourages nurses and other professional staff to advocate for patients with physician; advocates with physicians on patient's behalf when necessary
    • Initiates chain of command when indicated
    • Keeps Director informed of status of physician concerns and issues
    • Includes other disciplines in improvements, PI process, policy and care path development
    • Establishes at least one Performance Improvement project per unit which reflects interdisciplinary collaboration
  • SERVICE EXCELLENCE FOCUS: Actively promotes and achieves a patient satisfaction levels at target amounts set by the organization.
    • Leads multidisciplinary team in identifying opportunities for improvement in patient satisfaction through the gathering and interpretation of patient feedback
    • Assures the culture on the unit focuses on patient satisfaction as shown by improved scores on target data, zero tolerance practices
    • Develops formal and informal avenues by which system deficiencies that affect patient satisfaction are identified and improved with participation by the multidisciplinary team members
    • Makes daily patient rounds
    • Promptly and effectively follows up on patient satisfaction issues
    • Participates in organization-wide performance improvement activities
    • Develops and promotes teamwork among staff
    • Mentors staff toward achieving excellent customer satisfaction; utilizes organizational service excellence standards.
    • Achieved established aggregate patient satisfaction score YTD or 10 of 12 monthly scores show improvement and maintaining.



    Bachelor's Degree in the field(s) of nursing Required

    Work Experience

    3-5 years of experience in/with inpatient nursing, documented demonstration of strong clinical and interpersonal skills. Required.

    License and Certification


    Registered Nurse in the state of IL

    Don't Be Fooled

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